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Best Account & Taxation Training

GrabitHR is one of the best training Institute for Best Account & Taxation Training , We offers Best Account & Finance Course and payroll hr training . GrabitHR training Institute offers 100% job guarantee professional courses in the field of Accounting and Taxation training Our institute offers Job oriented training courses in Account & Taxation Training which offers job-placement guaranteed courses. because fresher as well as experienced accounts ,finance and taxation operating profile also upgrade their job skills. We also provides Best Account & Taxation Training , Best Account & Finance Course and payroll hr training. latest version of Tally ERP. We are providing certified coaching in Account & Taxation Training and payroll hr training. that gives tremendous prospects in business and industry. you'll develop the proper skills and knowledge to tackle Best Account & Taxation issues within the real world. The program teaches graduates to accumulate broad-based competencies in tax subject areas which included policy, research, statutory interpretation, estate planning, business structuring, and risk management in our Best Account & Taxation Training It connects technical strength with skilled skills moreover as communication, analysis and interpretation. The course prepares students to analyze and reply to business issues.

Best Training institute for Tally ERP 9 course Grabit HR has been providing Tally course education and training. The course is offered in best way of learning perspective and has a modular framework. The course content and Tally books are regularly updated and validated to ensure that students get most benefit and are job prepared once completion of this course

Why should you be part of Grabit HR Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 Course ?

Those curious about learning Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 and Account and Finance will visit Grabit HR Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 Course which has been certified as quality Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 training. GrabitHR has been approved Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 Course for conducting Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 Course along with certification, it gives free Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 accounting software along with study material , Tally Books to all or any the students those who want to enroll for Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 and Account and Finance training program. GrabitHR Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 Course and Account and Finance is subject to quality audit which ensures that the study material & faculties are updated. At Grabit HR Account & Taxation Tally ERP 9 Course students notice extremely experienced qualified and certified faculties who are certified as trainers, At our Institute quality is evaluated on continued basis to confirm the quality and highest standard of teaching. Best training institute for Account & Taxation Training.

Payroll Hr Training

Our active, interactive training courses are delivered by lecturers who have extensive and in-depth knowledge of the payroll hr industry. Grabit hr payroll hr training has been well respected by payroll, hr and finance professionals for over five years for incisive comment and practical advice. Building on the favored and respected Grabit hr - Payroll Update , we also provide a choose range of certified HR/ payroll hr training short courses to develop real skills in key areas of payroll and related organizational change.

  • Tally.ERP9 :

    Accounting Entries Adjustment Entries Preparation of Books of Accounts Inventory Management by using Tally Reconciliation of Bank Statement Reconciliation of Vendor/Soppier Account Audit Steps by using Tally
  • Finalization of Balance sheet/ preparation of Financial Statement:

    Preparation of Balance sheet According to Revised Schedule VI Preparation of Balance Sheet of SME Accounts Preparation of Balance Sheet of Large and Medium Entrepreneur
  • Bills/Invoices:

    Preparation of Invoices , Preparation of Challan , Preparation of Quotations , Preparation of Bilty , Preparation of Excise Invoice(Trader and Manufacturer)
  • Finance – By Chartered Accountant

    How to Provide Funds(loans ) from the Bank Preparation of Set of Documents Practical Analytical Review of Reports Project Reports CMA Data Stock Statement Correspondence with the Banks How to Get Subsidies Loan from Banks
  • Banking Instruments – By Chartered Accountant

    LC(Letter of Credit) , Letter of Credit- How to Open the LC , How to Sanction the LC Limit from Bank , Documentation for LC Limit , Bank Guarantee , Use of Bank Guarantee , Format of Bank Guarantees , B/R(Bills Discounting) , Cheques , Factoring- Factoring Instruments
  • TDS – By Chartered Accountant

    TDS Returns Preparation - 24Q , 26Q , 27Q. TDS Challan Preparation How to Deduct TDS Practically Visualization of Deduction of TDS How to Deduct TDS of Foreign Companies/FIIS TDS Certificate Generation TDS Mismatch Reports TDS Reconciliation Revision of TDS Return How to use Digital Signature for Filling TDS Returns
  • Service Tax – By Chartered Accountant

    How to get Service Tax Registration-Practically how to get Registration Certificate How to Fill Service Tax Returns How to Deposit Service Tax How to Charge Service Tax what is Reverse Charge What is Point of Taxation
  • VAT (Value Added Tax) – By Chartered Accountant

    VAT-DVAT/HVAT/UPVAT and CST How get Registration in VAT How to Filling Quarterly Returns How to File Annual Returns How to do Audit in VAT How to Make Payment of VAT How to Face Department Correspondence with VAT Department How to File Return of CST How to Do Assessment with VAT Officer
  • Excise / Customs / Import & Export Procedures – By Chartered Accountant

    Excise: - Excise Registration , How to File Monthly Return(ER-1) , How to File Monthly Return(ER-6) , How to File Annual Return(ER-4) , Annual Return(ER-5) , How to Preparation of Registration under Excise , RG-1,RG-23A-Part-I,Part-II,RG 23C Part-I,II , Form-4 , How to Make Payment of Excis , Excise Audit , Excise Search , Excise Entries in Books of Accounts Customs: - How to Deal with Import and Export , Import and Export Procedure , Import Documents , Import Procedure , How to Release the Dollar from Banks to Pay Outside India , Export Procedure , Export Documents , Bill of Entries , Bill of Lading
  • Payroll Processing – By Chartered Accountant

    PF Computation and Deposit of ECR ESI Challan Deposit and Return (Form 5) Taxability of Different Allowances and Perquisites Deductions (Tax Savings) Under Chapter VI A E-Filing TDS Salary Return Form 24Q and Challan 281
  • MIS Advance Excel – By MIS Analyst

    Objective Provide Basic Understanding of Excel, Make user Familiar to Create Formula and give Platform to Make Good Analysis and Introduce Powerful Tools of Advance Excel so that user can Make Advance Analysis with the help of Those Tools

    Introduction, Basic Understanding , Sum, Count, Count, Count blank, Average, Max, Large Min, Abs, Sumif, Countif, Lower, Upper, Proper, Trim, Len, Left, Right, Mid, Concatenate, Subtotal, And, Or, Day, Year, EOmonth, Edate, Net workdays, Today, Weekday, Week number, Workday, Find, Search. V-lookup, H-lookup, Day and Time Calculation, Numeric Calculation, If Logical Condition, Dynamic Pivot, Dynamic Chart, Conditional Formatting, Dated if, What If Analysis, Match Index, Offset Function, User form Function in Excel, Data Validation, Advance Filter, Sorting, Group & Ungroup, Data split, Text Function (Data Separation), Substitute

    ROC Matters , Formation of Company , Annual Filings
  • Fees Detail & Batch Detail

    Regular : 1. Month (2 hrs.) Weekend : 12 Sundays ( 3 hrs.) Fast Track : 5 Days (10 am to 5:30 pm) Fees : 12,500/- ( Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Only )
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